InfoStatsMod is an expansion module for the game Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart Games that aims to provide additional information and statistics to various aspects of the game

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Launch: December 09th, 2013
Last Update: February 23rd, 2014

Current screenshots
Released Games Analysis Overview Released Games detailed Sales Analysis Released Games Engine Specs Notification of the best game ever Footer Mod Menu Released Games Details on lower resolutions Platform Analysis Selection Platform Analysis Configuration Released Games Analysis Configuration Notifications


ChangeLog Version 0.4.2 (February 23rd, 2014)
  • Fixed errors in conjunction with the GameQuality calculation.
  • Fixed calculation of "Best Game Ever"
  • Fixed annoying "Best Game Ever" notifications showing every week
  • Fixed error when releasing a custom platform
  • Fixed error when clicking on sales card of custom console
  • Fixed erroneous height of engine specs list on lower resolutions
ChangeLog Version 0.4.1 (January 16th, 2014)
  • Completely revised modal windows. Now works well with lower resolutions, too.
  • Fixed problems when using the module with UltimateLib (for UL >= 1.1.0)
  • Implemented notification for when a game release analysis is available (can be configured)
  • New feature allows to click on the game sales card to obtain detailed information about the game
ChangeLog Version 0.4.0 (January 11th, 2014)
  • Completely renewed bootstrap for js loading
  • Added prototypes for String.format, endsWith, startsWith (.NET Style) through InfoStatsMod_Prototypes.js
  • Footer profit is displayed in green or red depending if + or -
  • New start text for text footer
  • Revised mod menu
  • Unified configuration
  • Save success or fail displayed on screen
  • New file structure for libs
  • New released games column "Audience" for target audience (Thanks to @JayCheetah)
  • New released games column "Q" for game quality (Thanks to @JayCheetah)
  • Fixed Rank display (-1) for ranks lower than 0 and higher than 100. Now set to 0. Thanks to @Hexatan for the hint.
ChangeLog Version 0.3.2 (January 05th, 2014)
  • Added new internal functions to "Utils" for providing more reliable "BestGameEver" calculation
  • Added new notification when "BestGameEver" get's even better (previous record broken)
  • Reviewed and optimized "WeekProceeded" event
  • Image folder now included (was missing previously)
ChangeLog Version 0.3.1 (December 22th, 2013)
  • Released Games Analysis: New Data Column "Fans"
  • Released Games Analysis: New Data Column "Sequel"
  • Released Games Analysis: New Data Column "Publisher" (This does not work as expected)
  • Released Games Analysis: Fixed income / profit data display that was not considering other factors. Now correct values are displayed (i.e. when using a publisher), furthermore this is sync with the game.
  • Released Games Analysis: Fixed errors when displaying game details for screen resolutions with a width lower that 1550
  • Implementation of the "Platform Analysis" section
  • Implementation of the "Platform Details" screen
  • Platform Analysis: Platform are displayed filtered by the following categories : Licensed Platforms, Unlicensed Platforms, Discontinued Platforms, Released Platforms
  • Platform Analysis: Platform selection can be displayed without image or with small, medium or large images
  • Platform Analysis: Platform selection can be displayed 1, 2 or 3 columned
  • Implementation of the "Platform Details Config" screen
  • Platform Analysis Config: Show Image, Image Size and Columns can be configured. This controls the behaviour of the Platform Details selector
  • Footer: Friendly date (with day and month name and full year)
  • Implementation of the "Notifications" screen
  • Notifications: Configurable In-Game Notification when Best Game Ever changes
ChangeLog Version 0.3.0 (December 20th, 2013)
  • Revised main module menu.
  • Implementation of the "Config" screen for "Released Games Analysis"
  • Footer: Fixed calculation of best game (max profit was not passed correctly)
  • Footer: Fixed score format (use avg) in the footer for game compliancy
  • Released Games Analysis Config: Column Visibility with the option to save changes (save game relevant)
  • Released Games Analysis: Game compliant number value formatting on costs
  • Released Games Analysis: Datalist columns structure enhanced
  • Released Games Analysis: Datalist columns are now dynamic and can be controlled within the mod
  • Released Games Analysis: Games now only appear in the list when sales starts
  • Released Games Analysis: Revised platform images. Now bigger size with nice label and dynamic image scale depending on platform count.
  • Released Games Analysis: Fixed engine specs tech number format to max 2 decimal places
  • Fixed an error encountered on startup when weekProceeded event was triggered without a best game - Thanks to SirEverard
Release Notes
Works best on screen resolution with a width bigger than 1550 (w>=1550)
Not localized, thus it is only available in english
This version is a development version and can differ in all of it's parts from the final version
Big thanks and respect goes out to DzjengisKhan, LineLiar and kristof1104 for their inspiring and helpful mods:
ExpansionPack for GDT by DzjengisKhan, LineLiar, CheatMod for GDT by kristof1104

ChangeLog Version 0.2.0 (December 19th, 2013)
  • Almost complete reengineering of the code (using separate files and classes) - Still cleaning up and creating better structure
  • Removed charts library in favour of the MIT licensed FLOT library to create better looking graphs and plots
  • Released Games Analysis: Sales Graphical Analysis including weekly points
  • Released Games Analysis: Tooltip on weekly sales points to exactly get income of a certain week (makes looking for profitable weeks easier)
  • Released Games Analysis: Selected Tab remains selected when selecting different items in the data table list
  • Released Games Analysis: Table sorting reviewed and fully implemented now
  • Footer: Game compliant number value formatting
  • Footer: Best game now calculated using highest score and highest profit
  • Sales Analysis: Remove access to feature in published version until it has reached a usable state
Release Notes
Works best on screen resolution with a width bigger than 1550 (w>=1550)
Not localized, thus it is only available in english
This version is a development version and can differ in all of it's parts from the final version

ChangeLog Version 0.1.1 (December 10th, 2013)
  • First public alpha release
  • UI menu integration through "Info & Stats..." button (as seen in CheatMod by kristoff1104 - thanks!)
  • Implementation of the "Release Details" view
  • Release Details: Sortable table for detail information display of all releases
  • Release Details: Display of selected game details upon row selection in the sortable game table
  • Release Details: Tab based selection of additional information
  • Release Details: Additional information - Reviews -> Display all magazines review incl. rating stars
  • Release Details: Additional information - Engine Specs -> Display all used engine parts for the selected game
  • Implementation of the "Sales Analysis" view
  • Sales Analysis: Basic implementation of horizontal animated charts displaying the revenues of the game
  • Implementation of the "Footer"
  • Footer: Optionally overlay footer that displays financial information and the best game ever during the course of the game (live update on every week)
  • Implementation of "Debug" functions (will be removed upon final release)
  • Debug: Toggle Pause